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Lecture Breakers

May 25, 2021

086 - We continue our conversation with Dr. David Thomas and Dr. Lisa Forbes about creating playful learning experiences in the college classroom. In this episode, they share specific examples of how they use play in their courses which might give you ideas you can use in your courses!


May 17, 2021

085 - Dr. David Thomas and Dr. Lisa Forbes join us to talk about the power of play in creating transformative and meaningful learning experiences. Play increases student engagement, reduces barriers to learning, and improves student learning outcomes. (Part 1 of 2)

Show notes:

May 11, 2021

084 - You spent the whole semester building community, connecting with students, and creating successful learning experiences. How do you bring it all to a close on a positive note? How do you honor your students' hard work? In this episode, Tatiana Rodriguez shares 9 creative, fun, and engaging ways you can end...

May 4, 2021

083 - Dr. Bobbie Ticknor joins us to talk about virtual reality and simulated learning experiences in the classroom. She shares 3 types of virtual reality environments, how to get started with VR, and examples of VR experiences in different disciplines.

Show notes: