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Lecture Breakers

Mar 31, 2020

027 - In this episode, Dr. Michelle Miller encourages us to re-examine our assumptions about what it means to create effective and engaging online learning experiences. Show notes available at

Mar 24, 2020

026 - In this episode, Dr. Thomas J. Tobin shares advice on how to integrate Universal Design for Learning principles into your online courses to increase access, motivation, and student engagement. Show notes available at

Mar 17, 2020

025 - In this episode, Dr. Dave Eng shares advice on how to use games and simulations in the classroom to increase student engagement and improve learning. Show notes available at

Mar 10, 2020

024 - In this episode, Meghan Grace shares the latest research about Generation Z, how they learn, and how we can create meaningful learning experiences that connect with today’s college students. Show notes available at

Mar 3, 2020

023 - In this episode, Dr. Karen Costa shares tips to help you create more effective and engaging videos without getting overwhelmed. Learn how to create a simple and sustainable system for creating videos to enhance connection and engagement in your courses. Show notes available at